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On BRITTANY's Emerald Coast

Thinking of visiting Brittany  ? (see nice landscape photos)

Many travelers that come from afar imagine a mysterious and misty land with a rocky coastline constantly attacked by the ocean, lighthouses in the storm, fishing harbors, homes of thick stone walls ducking away from the wind and beautified by colorful windows and doors. Also part of this picture are deep myth and legend loaded forests, moors and dolmens, food widely consisting of what the sea offers and of the vegetables, the warm Gulfstream allows to grow on a not too fertile ground.
And the 'real' Bretons, different from their neighbors and who are trying to conserve their culture and traditions, their language, their way of thinking....
...all making the appeal of Brittany as an attractive and singular place to be visited.

Brittany typical moor scene with dolmens
          Brittany typical moor scene with dolmens

We are here in the North-Eastern part of the region of Brittany, with its clean and sandy banks bathed in the warm Gulfstream . With a smoother countryside and coast because not so exposed to the grandioses forces of the nature like more Western Breton areas. Brittany is different from the neighboring Normandy which has greener landscapes due to more rain and less rocky ground. Situated at the borders of both region, 'our' Emerald Coast combines the advantages of both.

Rather unique, in the region as in France, is the estuary of the RANCE, a narrow 20km long sea inlet with splendid landscapes from Dinan , inland and reaching the English Channel at Saint Malo, with our village in the middle. The coastline between the Pointe du Grouin (its Eastend) and Erquy (its Westend) is known for its sandy, clean beaches, its deserted (except in August) creeks, its resorts (Saint-Jacut, Saint-Briac , Saint-Lunaire, Rothéneuf ...) and its small but busy harbors.

La Goëlette Hof
          'ambiance' village

There are numerous possibilities close by for sporting activities such as golf or horseback riding, for nautical leisures like diving or wind surfing or coastal fishing or river fishing as well as visiting manors and châteaux and mediaeval towns and villages, for discovering old Celtic traditions and feasts, making SAINT SULIAC an ideal base for your vacation, whether it is for an active summer holiday or a relaxing weekend (or longer) break, breathing the healthy sea air of this most colourful area of Brittany.

Emerald Coast, Dinan above Saint-Malo
       Emerald Coast, Dinan above Saint-Malo