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It is "the paradise" for ramblers here. Leave our house and walk through the flowered narrow streets of Saint-Suliac, admire the well conserved , very old stone-built houses with their colored window woodwork and their beautiful small gardens.
Go down to the Rance-banks and then either on the left or on the right on marked foot-paths to explore the 2 peninsulas encircling Saint Suliac. When tide is at the ebb, you will find there for example the foundations of a viking-camp from the 9 th century. You will often enjoy nice views like the one on the picture below.


The whole Rance-valley offers uncounted possibilities for rambling, either inland towards Dinan or towards the coast, where on the numerous coastguard paths the views sometimes become breath-taking.


The hinterland of the Emerald-Coast is ideed very rich : Walking on rural paths between hedges, rocks, green prairies, woods, fields full of vegetables on this fertile ground (artichokes in flower, pumpkins, cauliflowers, strawberries, kiwis ...), you will come over rolling hills into sleeping hamlets, near to majestic manors, castles or immens very old farm-buildings, which are nice through their sobriety but including picturesque elements.

in a hamlet near Becherel
in a hamlet near Becherel