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Fishing - Coastal-off-shore

On a boat of 'COMPAGNIE CORSAIRE' or 'Fish Tracker' leaving at Saint Malo early in the morning. All fishing equipment is provided.
Breakfast is included, too.
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Bertrand Gaugé
Photo Bertrand Gaugé, Chauseyloc
coastal fishing from Granville
Tel. 0033.

t's the captain who decides where to go. Depending on wind and tide, the excursion will be towards the Chausey Islands, or Pointe du Grouin or towards Cape Frehel and Saint Cast.

Among the most relaxing and interesting things you can do here, when weather is convenient and water not cold, or better tepid, is to go, before the full ebb, for clam digging.

With the help of special tools, experience and patience, you can gather soils, all sorts of shell-fish, crabs and shrimps: in the sand of the seaground, on the rocks and in remaining puddles, that the ebb makes accessible. And look forward to a rich, free of charge evening meal. But please respect the environment : don't take to small specimen and don't fill your bag with more, than you can consume yourself.